"Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers; 

 strong, competent, CAPABLE MOTHERS who trust themselves and know their  inner  strength."

                                -BARBARA KATZ ROTHMAN


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 Meet Stacey.


You are about to meet the love of your life. It will be hard, and exhausting, and worth it. You will feel powerful, and accomplished, and in love, big love. And you want to hold onto that feeling, look back at your expression and your partners, and remember the moment you met your tiny, squishy baby. 

I'm here to help you do that. 


I'm Stacey, and I want to excitedly await a call at any hour of the day or night, hearing that the beginning signs of labour are emerging, and we will soon meet the little human you have been so lovingly growing and patiently awaiting. I enjoy showing up for you and your family to work an undetermined about of hours, capturing it all as it unfolds. I love being the one that gets to show you the tender moments and tearful reactions you may have missed in the whirl wind of it all. This is my passion, and I'm so fortunate that it is also my reality. So let's do this, you and me. Let's bottle up this imminent day to be relived and cherished and shared for a long, long time. 

So, take a look around and then head on down to the contact section and say "Hi". Let me know what you're most excited about looking back on, and I'll make sure I don't miss a thing. Better yet, let's meet over coffee and we'll discuss it all in person!

Now, you're probably wondering what type of masochist enjoys being on call..all. the. time, so I'll let you in on a few more totally normal things about myself so we don't start this relationship off on the wrong foot. I have two beautiful, fierce daughters who I'm pretty sure are intentionally trying to chip away at my last parental nerve most days. 2 big, silly dogs (who are obviously in cahoots with the girls to test my mental stability), 1 fluffy, orange (and pretty savage in the mouse catching department) cat, and 1 incredibly smart, supportive, monotone husband with whom I try and run this circus. I love food, preferably local & organic, and eating that local organic food outside in the backyard of our lovely country home that is a never ending project costing way more than it would to just build a new home. I also specialize in what I call 'healthy junk food', eating ice cream and cookies that are organic makes them healthy..right? And finally, as a mother of a 2 & 4 year old, my other hobbies include playgroup, crafts, and preparing 57 snacks a day. 

Woman labouring in birth pool during home birth.
Newborn baby feet while being held by Mother shortly after delivery.
Lifestyle newborn image of baby lying in crib with flower headband.
Mother embracing new baby just placed on her chest after unmedicated delivery.
Grandparents meeting their new grand baby for the first time.
Woman being supported by sister during hospital birth.
Brand new baby being carried to newborn exam area for health check.
Midwife looking over labouring Mother in a birth pool at a home birth.
Newborn baby being held up under exam area light.
Baby's head crowning during hospital birth.
Birdseye view of Mom and Baby directly after delivery.
Lifestyle newborn image of a baby girl being held by Mother in her nursery, looking at camera.
Newborn baby in Belleville General Hospital isolette.
Woman in labour in hospital bed being supported by husband in background.
New parents looking at their newborn baby in the NICU at Kingston General Hospital.
Newborn baby looking at camera while snuggling Mom.
Lifestyle Maternity image of Mother and son silhouette kissing in front of window.
Woman in labour at Kingston General Hospital being supported by partner.
A pregnant Moms belly peeking through maternity gown and being fitted for a fetal monitor.
Woman crying during labour and delivery in hospital bed.
Couple holding their brand new baby seconds after delivery in hospital room.
Two Dads looking down at their new baby brought to them through surrogacy in a hospital isolette.
Husband and new Father looking down at labouring Mom in hospital bed at Kingston General Hospital.
Sunset silhouette of a man and woman kissing at Lake Ontario Park waterfront.
Pregnancy woman looking down at her belly during sunset at Lake Ontario Park.
Close up image of husband and wife holding hands during home birth delivery.
Woman having a contraction in birth pool during home birth delivery.
Woman using gas for pain relief during contraction at Belleville General Hospital.


"one of those people you feel instantly at home with"


January 2020

Stacey is the best of the best! Five minutes after meeting her, I knew she was my kinda people since we spent the majority of our first consultation talking birthy to each other! She is one of those people you feel instantly at home with, which is MAJOR when you’re a photographer — and a birth photographer no less! She is pure talent behind the camera and has an uncanny ability to capture those fleeting moments in birth that are so special. I had the privilege of having Stacey photograph my VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). She adds a calm and reassuring presence to the birthing room, and she captured a tremendously healing, transitional birth experience for me. I’m so grateful that I have these memories to look back on forever. Stacey is THE photographer you need at your birth! Thank you Stacey.

"one of the best investments I have ever made"


January 2020

Stacey recently documented the birth of my son - 5 weeks earlier than expected. Having a premature birth meant that everything I had hoped for during my labour and delivery went out the window. Having Stacey there was the only thing that I was still able to have as I had planned, which made me feel like I had at least a little bit of control in an unpredictable situation. Unfortunately, because my baby had to be taken to the NICU quickly, I was not able to have the moments I had been dreaming of (all of those squishy newborn pics with parents and grandparents, skin to skin, etc.), but Stacey did an incredible job capturing our NICU experience once we were able to go see our son. These photos are one of the best investments I have ever made. I’m overwhelmed with emotion every time I see them and I feel so strong seeing myself give birth. I am so grateful Stacey was able to be there for the biggest, most amazing day of my life. I felt so comfortable having her there and am so impressed with the shots she got. I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you, Stacey. ♥️

"the right hands to place these moments in"


October 2019

Where do I begin? It was such a perfect day with many perfect moments to be captured. There was not a doubt in my mind from the moment I met Stacey that I had chosen the right hands to place these moments in. Stacey, not only are you good at what you do but you have such a friendly, calm and subtle presence about you. You move around the room with ease and seem to know exactly where to be at the right time. Thank you so much for being there with us as we welcomed our son. It takes a special person to do a special job like yours.

"brought such a calming presence to the room"


March 2019

We had Stacey do the birth photography for our second daughter, she was absolutely incredible from day one! From the first time we sat down I knew she would be an amazing fit for us. She was professional, passionate about her work - and providing us with the exact experience we were hoping for and ensuring she met our wants/needs, and was lovely through and through. She went above and beyond, she brought such a calming presence to the room and was able to immerse herself so perfectly into the team that was our labour and delivery team. She managed to capture moments I was unaware were even happening and I’m forever grateful for the absolutely amazing photos we have! Stacey was so considerate in every way while working with us, the only regret I have is that we didn’t have Stacey there with our first! We will absolutely use her for any subsequent pregnancies!

"captures the unique experience of each new family in the most beautiful way"


March 2019

As a midwife, I have worked with the talented Stacey quite a number of times. Her presence at a birth is serene and completely unobtrusive. She can work the room from so many angles without anyone really being aware that she’s shooting. Her images are always fresh and new - no two births look the same - she captures the unique experience of each new family in the most beautiful way and brings the magic of welcoming a new being to the world into something visual to hold for years to come. And as a care provider, she is respectful of working around and accommodating me and the family I’m attending. She’s a pleasure to work alongside.

"managed to capture the raw, emotional side of labour and birth"


November 2018

Stacey was absolutely incredible!! From the moment she arrived at the hospital, she was professional, supportive and provided many words of encouragement to both myself and my partner. I was hesitant about having a birth photographer but once we discussed our ideas for that day, all my fears went out the window. The day my daughter wad born was an absolutely amazing experience that I will always remember because of the beautiful photos Stacey took for us. She managed to capture the raw, emotional side of labour and birth <3 I would 100% recommend Stacey!!

"professional, supportive, and took beautiful pictures"


November 2018

Stacey was absolutely incredible! She was very professional, supportive, and took beautiful pictures that I’m so in love with. I wasn’t 100% before delivery if I was going to like it, or what she would see or take pictures of, but let me tell you, we went over our ideas for that day and when that day came it was the most amazing experience! Not only capturing incredible raw real moments but also supporting and helping me with breastfeeding etc. I wish I had gotten them with my first son!

I would 1000% recommend Stacey!


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